Eddy County Emergency Management


  • Waning sirens are the most effective way to alert a large number of people in the shortest amount of time.  Everyone in your household needs to be aware of what your local warning siren sounds like.

If you hear the warning siren and it is not a regularly scheduled test, TAKE SHELTER IMMEDIATELY AND BRING YOUR BATTERY POWERED WEATHER RADIO WITH YOU.

  • If you are in your car when you hear the warning siren, turn on the radio and listen for any emergency information and instructions while getting yourself to the nearest safe structure.
  • Watch your local TV station for emergency information.  Most stations participate in the Emergency Alert System (EAS).  This is the system that sounds several sharp, loud signals followed by emergency information. 
  • Every household needs a NOAA Weather Radio.  It broadcasts continuous weather information from a nearby National Weather Service office and will announce severe weather alerts for your area.
  • Eddy County also participates in an Emergency Notification/Reverse 911 System, in which you can be contacted by phone (as long as phone lines are up and working) and warned of impending severe weather or other disaster.