Eddy County Emergency Management



If you are prepared well in advance and stay informed, you can decrease your risk during a pandemic.  Be sure you have your Go Bag/Emergency Kit ready.  In the case of a pandemic, you will want to plan to have two weeks worth of food and medicine, in case you are unable to leave your home.  Don't forget to have extra supplies for your pets.

  • Visit www.pandemicflu.gov for comprehensive information on what to do and how to prepare for a pandemic.
  • Discuss and plan, in advance, what would be needed to take care of loved ones (extra prescription medications, medical equipment) and how you would do it. 
  • Practice good health habits such as eating a well balanced diet and getting plenty of rest.  Also, do all you can to prevent the spread of germs by washing hands frequently, covering your mouth when coughing and sneezing (don't do this with your bare hand, use a tissue and if you don't have a tissue available, it is best to do this into your sleeve - cough or sneeze into the bend of your arm) and if you do get sick, stay away from others as much as possible which may mean staying home from work or school.
  • Check on the elderly and those with special needs.
  • Listen to local radio or television stations, read newspapers or check the Internet for up to date emergency information.