Eddy County Emergency Management



Be sure that family members know who to contact in an emergency.  Many times it is best to have an out-of town contact as local phone lines can be tied up in a disaster situation.  The out-of-town contact can communicate between the separated family members until everyone can get together again.  Make a card or sheet with all emergency contact names and numbers to put in each person's Go Bag.  Add a pre-paid phone card and some change in case you have to use a pay phone.  You may have trouble getting through on the phone (phone service will be very busy or could be down completely), but keep trying and be patient. 

Be sure you know what the disaster/emergency plans are for:

  • Family members work places
  • Schools and daycare facilities that family members attend
  • Ask to have a printed copy of their emergency plan.

Make sure babysitters and caregivers know your plan and where to find your Go Bag or Emergency Kit. 

Click each of the icons to the right and continue to put your emergency plan together.  Knowing what to do and how to react in an emergency can make all the difference in your survival.