Eddy County Emergency Management


Every member of your household must know your family emergency plan.  Each person needs to:

  • Know where their Go Bag and or Emergency Kit is.
  • Know the best escape routes for your house.  (Make sure everyone knows two ways out of every room and practice these escape routes along with drills such as, "Stop, Drop and Roll", "Duck and Cover" and crawling to escape routes in case of fire/smoke).
  • Pick 2 meeting places for family members in case of fire or other disaster in your home or in case you are told to evacuate.  Pick one place outside your home and another one outside of your neighborhood.
  • Know disaster/emergency plans for each family member's workplace, school and daycare.
  • Have a pair of shoes and a flashlight next to everyone's bed, in case disaster strikes at night.
  • Make sure family members know how and when to turn off water, gas and electricity to the house.
  • Don't forget to plan and prepare for family members who have special needs such as infants and children, pets, the elderly, people with disabilities and those that do not speak English.