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Eddy County Emergency Notification System

Emergency Notification System graphic

The Eddy County Emergency Notification System is used by Eddy County Emergency Management, county and municipal law enforcement and fire departments, and municipal utility services to notify residents and businesses for public safety purposes such as hazardous materials release, wildfires threatening homes, criminal activity, missing persons, street closures, boil water alerts, escaped prisoners and other emergency situations.

The new and enhanced version of the Emergency Notification System called GeoCast Web is a web-enabled, GIS driven interface that allows emergency notifications of citizens in Eddy County.  The application uses GIS technology, providing users with secure access to specific maps for easy geographic selection for areas requiring emergency notification.  The integration of digital, street-level maps with the most accurate phone data available enables the delivery of potentially life-saving information or instruction automatically.

Currently Eddy County Emergency Management has 24 dedicated phone lines available for emergency notifications.  Based on a 20-second emergency message, the system is able to make 72 phone calls in one minute.  Residents can recognize calls from this system with a phrase such as "This is the Eddy County Emergency Notification System."  The system is able to track which phone numbers it has reached, when someone hangs up, when an answering machine answers, and how many attempts were made.  If the system detects an answering machine, it will leave the same message that would have been transmitted to a person who answered the telephone.

Residents whose telephone numbers are unlisted, who do not have landline phones or who are renters, are encouraged to add their telephone numbers to the database by clicking this link.  Updates are conducted on a quarterly basis.  For more information, call the Emergency Management Office at 575-628-5450.